Curriculum Vitae of Mayor


Yasuyuki Maeba

Yasuyuki Maeba, born in 1962, was elected as Mayor of Tsu City in 2011.
He was re-elected for his second term in 2015, for his third term in 2019,and for his forth term in April 2023.
He is devoting himself to promoting various city development policies and ensuring each citizen’s satisfaction in life in Tsu City which was reestablished after a merger of 6 cities, 2 towns, and 2 villages in 2006.  

Highly experienced in the Japanese local public finance market, he worked for the Japan Finance Organization for Municipalities (JFM) as the Head of Credit before becoming the Mayor of Tsu City.
Previously, he also held the position of Deputy Branch Manager of DEXIA Credit Local, Tokyo Branch.  
In DEXIA Tokyo, he devoted more than 4 years to its new challenge of providing the local authorities in Japan with super long-term loans as a newcomer to the Japanese Finance market.

Before transitioning to the private sector with DEXIA Tokyo, he worked for the Ministry of International Affairs &
Communications (MIC) for 20 years. After joining the Ministry, he served in the roles of local finance, local tax,local administration system and disaster prevention.  
In 2005, he was promoted to Director for Administrative Planning in the MIC.  
He was also seconded to various local authorities as an executive officer -Director- General in Miyagi Prefectural
Government in 2003, Head of Policy Planning in Kyoto City (1999), and Head of Finance & Head of Regional
Promotion in Kumamoto Prefectural Government in 1994.
He graduated from the faculty of Law at Tokyo University in 1985.






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