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It is rich in natural beauty with forests, beaches, and rivers and visitors can enjoy different seasonal views throughout the year. Misugi area is recognized as a base for forest therapy and “Mitake-no-sakura” there is nationally recognized sight listed in the Japan Top 100 Places for Cherry Blossoms. Autumn Maple in Kouchi Valley is also recommended place to see and it shows you unimaginably beautiful views with crystal clear water.


Tsu Beaches

Tourists from near and far visit the coastline r to enjoy shell gathering or swimming in the ocean. The coastline runs north and south about 20 kilometers.


Mitake Cherry Blossoms

This location was selected as one of the 100 famous cherry blossom sites in Japan, and is also designated as a national scenic spot. You can enjoy the blossoms reflected on the surface of the terraced rice paddies and a row of cherry trees that continues for over 1.5km.


Kouchi Valley

Here there is a beautiful view of the Ano River and megaliths. In autumn, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the autumn leaves.


Forest Therapy Trails

Misugi district was designated as the first Forest Therapy Base in Tokai area. Various walking events are held on the 12 different trails throughout the year. Forest Therapy will give your mind and body a very relaxing experience.


The Aoyama Highlands

There are many windmills near the top of the mountain. You can see the surpassing beauty of Ise bay below. The plateau offers enjoyment in each of the four seasons, including amenities such as a campground, barbecue area, and pool.


 Mt. Kyogamine

The altitude of Mt. Kyogamine is 819 m. You can choose 8 routes to the top, and each route has different sights. You can enjoy a 360-degree view of the Ise plains and Ise Bay from the observation tower on the top.



Lake Shakujo

Shakujo Lake is the source of the Ano River. There is rich nature all around. You can enjoy the scenery of cherry blossoms in spring and autumn leaves in autumn. Accommodation and campsites are also nearby.


Mitsumata Paperbush

Mitsumata, or Oriental Paperbush, has unique branches that grow into three parts with a lovely yellow flower on each tip. They are in full bloom between March and April.


Chestnut Tiger

Asagimadara, or Chestnut tiger, is a special kid of butterfly that migrates seasonally over a long distance. They fly to a specific flower called “Fujibakama” in early October.



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